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Sewage Clean-Up in Philadelphia, PA

Disasters can take many forms. But when your home or business experiences a sewage-related disaster, the extent of the damage can be total. Water damage combined with the unsanitary character of sewage requires a comprehensive strategy to eliminate and restore.
If you ever have a sewage issue and need comprehensive black water clean-up assistance, CPR Restoration is equipped to help. We can extract the wastewater and take steps to reverse the damage done to spaces large or small. The sooner the response, the better, so don’t hesitate to contact us when you spot a sewage issue.

Whether you have a sewage backup in your basement, a sewage flood in your home, or a sewage leak in your commercial space, we have the professional sewage clean-up services you need in Philadelphia, PA, and the surrounding areas in the following counties:

● Bucks County
● Montgomery County

● Chester County
● Delaware County

We also offer sewage clean-up services to residents and businesses in the following counties in NJ:

● Burlington County
● Mercer County
● Ocean County

● Atlantic County
● Monmouth County
● Sussex County

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Trust the Dirty Work to Professional Sewage Cleaners in Philadelphia, PA

Sewage leaks and floods can cause similar damage to the structure of your home as other water leaks can, but the wastewater can also negatively affect your health. When you have a sewage backup in the basement or elsewhere in your home, your entire family is exposed to water with human waste, dangerous bacteria, and other microorganisms that can be harmful to your health. Even if the leak or damage seems minor, you should leave the clean-up to professional sewage cleaners who have the proper training and equipment to reduce the risk of infections and illnesses, even after the water is removed.

Our sewage clean-up professionals in Philadelphia, PA, will arrive at your home in 20 minutes to begin the restoration process. We use state-of-the-art equipment to minimize cosmetic and structural damage to your home and protect your family from health risks associated with sewage water and mold growth.

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