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Water Damage Restoration Cost Estimator

Welcome to our Water Damage Restoration Cost Estimator! This tool is designed to provide you with an estimated cost for water damage restoration services based on several factors specific to your situation. Understanding how this calculator works and addressing some common questions can help you get the most accurate estimate for your needs.

Water Damage Restoration Cost Estimator

Water Damage Cost Calculator

100 sq ft

How does the calculator work?

Our Water Damage Restoration Cost Estimator takes into account various factors to determine the estimated cost of restoring your property:

Starting price of $9 per sq ft. 

All prices and invoices are configured with Xactimate pricing, a recommended standard used by 99% of the industry with updated quarterly pricing.

    1. Select Your State: Begin by selecting the state where your property is located. This choice helps tailor the cost estimate based on regional factors.

    2. Provide Square Footage: Input the approximate square footage of the damaged area. This information is essential for calculating the base cost.

    3. Number of Affected Rooms: Specify the number of rooms in your property that have been affected by water damage.

    4. Service Hours: Choose whether you require restoration services during regular hours or after hours. There is no price increase for during-hours service, but there’s on average a 20% increase for after-hours service.

    5. Water Color: Select the color of the water. The options are “Clean,” “Gray,” and “Black.” Depending on the water color, there may be a price adjustment: no increase for clean water, a 10% increase for gray water, and a 20% increase for black water is common.

    6. Extent of Water Damage: Indicate whether there is more than 1″ of free-standing water or if the carpet is merely moist and damp.

    7. Property Finish: Select whether the property is finished or unfinished. Restoration in finished properties may involve protecting and preserving existing fixtures and finishes, which can add complexity to the process.

    8. Condition of Personal Property/Contents: Describe the condition of personal property or contents within the house.

After providing all these details, click the “Calculate Cost” button to receive your estimated cost for water damage restoration in your state.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q1: How accurate is the estimated cost? A: The estimated cost provided by our calculator is based on the information you provide and industry-standard pricing. While it can give you a reasonable estimate, the final cost may vary based on the specific circumstances of your project.

Q2: Why does the number of rooms affect the price? A: The number of rooms can impact the scope of the restoration work. If there are more than three rooms, additional labor and materials may be required, leading to a 5% price increase.

Q3: What constitutes “after-hours” service? A: “After-hours” service refers to restoration services required outside of regular business hours. This includes evenings, weekends, and holidays. There is a 20% price increase for after-hours service due to higher labor costs during these times.

Q4: How do I determine the color of the water? A: The water color is determined by its appearance. “Clean” water is clear and free of contaminants. “Gray” water may have some contaminants but is not heavily polluted. “Black” water is heavily contaminated and potentially hazardous.

Q5: Why is there a price increase for standing water? A: Standing water of 1″ or more often requires additional equipment and labor to remove. The 5% price increase covers the extra resources needed for this scenario.

Remember that this estimator provides a rough estimate, and it’s always recommended to consult with a professional restoration service for an accurate assessment of your specific situation.

For any further inquiries or to schedule a water damage restoration service, please feel free to contact us.


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