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When it comes to property damage, fire and floods are often considered the “worst case scenario” – and with good reason. A serious attack from Mother Nature, a burst pipe or a fried electrical system can make you feel like everything is ruined. And every minute you delay in addressing the repairs, you run the risk of the damage getting even worse.

In these situations, don’t just need someone to do the cleanup. You need someone to correctly assess the damage, think through the details, and help you get quick help from your insurance agency to cover the costs. That’s where CPR can provide invaluable experience in your emergency restoration.

We Are an Emergency Restoration Experts

Our business is built around addressing the catastrophic issues that come with fire and water damage,
including help with insurance claims.

Insurance Help

We can help take on the headaches of filing your insurance claim. Our expert technicians can come to your home 24/7, helping you assess the damage accurately, and provide photographic documentation that can be sent to your insurance agency. We have standing relationships with most of the insurance providers in the Indy area, and understand what kinds of paperwork are required to submit your insurance claim.
Our expert service staff can assemble an estimate and documentation for your claim, submitting it directly to your insurance company on your behalf.
We can also help you ascertain what your insurance will cover and won’t cover, and the budget you will receive to make these critically needed repairs. When the job is done, we will bill your insurance company directly.

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We’ll help get your property back to normal

When you work with us, you will never “fall through the cracks.” We have crews at the ready to help you get you back to normal as quickly as possible. Our operation is big enough to offer you choice and expertise, but small enough to be personal.

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