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Sewage Cleanup Queens, NY

We received an emergency call for a broken supply line in a master bedroom closet, where hundreds of gallons of water were flowing through the property. The first thing we did to begin the water damage restoration was to extract all standing water, starting from the source, which was the main floor. We extracted heavy water from the first floor, and then moved to the basement to complete extraction. After doing so we thoroughly went through the entire property to perform extensive moisture testing to determine the affected areas. Numerous areas of the house were affected. Any unaffected areas were covered with plastic, and then containment was set up to protect those areas. HEPA filters were placed on the unaffected side of containment to remove any impurities that may be airborne. Then we began the removal of various wet building materials and customer content and thoroughly cleaned all of the work areas. Antimicrobials were then applied to the structure of the home to kill any suspected mold or growth. Various types of drying equipment was then placed. The drying process was carefully monitored to ensure all issues were remediated.

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