Most Common Causes of Mold in Your Home

The bad news for all homeowners is that it doesn’t take much for mold to start growing. Once it takes hold in your home or business, it typically starts to spread rather quickly throughout a space.

There are many reasons to be concerned about mold in the home, even if you can’t see it visibly growing on the walls. Mold can give a room an unpleasant odor. But worse than that, it can create a lot of persistent and significant health problems. People often find it hard to live in spaces where mold is present. For children, pets, and the elderly the ill effects are particularly severe.

Most Common Causes of Mold in Your Home

It is possible to get rid of mold if and when it appears. However, the more prudent strategy is to try and prevent or mitigate the problem before it runs you out of your house. Learn about the most common causes of mold in the home so that you can protect your space effectively.


When mold spores are present in your home it takes very little for them to grow. They will need to have access to moisture in one form or another. So when you experience any type of flood, mold often flourishes as a result. It is impossible to completely protect yourself against floods, but you can avoid more of them by checking your plumbing regularly. You can also inhibit mold growth if you extract any flood water from your home as soon as possible.


It does not take a ton of moisture for mold to multiply. If you have a leak somewhere in your home, even one that comes out as a slow drip, it creates the right conditions for mold. That creates a lot of new challenges for homeowners because leaks can happen behind walls or in obscure parts of the home. The best strategy is to investigate any unexplained moisture you find on the walls, ceilings, or floors, and seal up any leaks the minute you discover them.


Even moisture that is floating around in the air can be enough for mold to start growing. Since humidity affects every inch of a space, it creates the perfect conditions for mold to grow and spread. If there is a part of your home that is consistently muggy because of poor ventilation, a shower or sink, or the after effects of water damage, it requires your attention. Large-scale drying and dehumidification can suck the moisture out of the air and any water out of soggy surfaces so that mold is forced to dry up and die.

If you are proactive about protecting your home you can prevent a lot of mold problems. But preventing them entirely takes a tremendous effort, and most homeowners have other things to worry about. The smartest step is to pursue professional mold remediation if and when a problem appears. You may not be invincible to mold, but you can do a lot to keep it from impacting your home and everyone in it. If you notice mold or the conditions that lead to mold, get in contact with a professional restoration company like CPR Restoration immediately.

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