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Soot & Smoke Removal in Philadelphia, PA

The aftereffects of fire are almost as bad as the flames themselves. In the wake of even a minor blaze, you may discover that the walls, floors, furnishings, and ceilings are covered in thick, black soot and smoke. Until this layer is completely removed, the space will not look or smell anywhere approaching normal.

Rather than tackling this substantial soot and smoke damage restoration job on your own, rely on the team at CPR Restoration for professional soot removal services. We can handle all the mess ourselves while ensuring that every trace of soot and smoke is removed from an area. You know the work is being done right, and your hands stay clean when you hire our team.

While our soot and smoke removal specialists are based in Philadelphia, we serve many counties throughout PA, including:

● Bucks County
● Montgomery County

● Chester County
● Delaware County

We also offer smoke and soot removal services in the following counties in NJ:

● Burlington County
● Mercer County
● Ocean County

● Atlantic County
● Monmouth County
● Sussex County

Whenever and wherever you need, we are here to help you recover from a fire.

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