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Don’t let disasters derail your business

With fire or water mishaps, you don’t just need cleanup. You need someone to correctly assess the damage, think through the details, and help you get quick help from your insurance carrier to cover the costs. That’s where our expertise makes the difference.
More than just a clean-up service, CPR Restoration is your restoration partner.
Our expert technicians can deploy to your business 24/7, helping you assess the damage accurately, and provide photographic documentation that can be sent to your insurance agency. We have standing relationships with most of the insurance providers in the Indy area, and understand what kinds of paperwork are required to submit your insurance claim.

Water Damage Getting You Back in Business – Fast

When water damage strikes your Tri -State area- business, every day it’s not fixed has an effect on your bottom line. Your credibility with customers, your ability to deliver on deadline, the viability of your inventory and equipment – even the health and welfare of your employees are all on the line. You need experts with the staff and equipment to handle a true commercial water damage restoration job, and you need it yesterday.
When you work with CPR Restoration, we can get a large remediation team on your site within hours. Our team is fully bonded and licensed to address all parts of your water damage project, from pumping and removing the water, to drying out large spaces, to demolition, sanitizing your site and professional mold remediation.

Drying and Salvage

We specialize in complete structural drying, as well, working hard to help you salvage as much of your structure as possible. Because we work quickly, we minimize the chances of mold growth starting where the water damage occurred.  And, when we do mold remediation, you can rest assured that the areas are dried out and treated with retardants that will prohibit mold from growing again in the treated areas.

Cleaning Up Around Business Hours

Best of all, our team understands what it means to handle commercial flood restorations. We send a large team that can get the work done quickly. We can schedule around your business hours, so the dirtiest parts of the work can be done when your staff and customers aren’t present. We can also help you develop a strategy for keeping your business up and running, cordoning off the affected areas so we can continue our work, without endangering your staff or slowing down your business. In short, we work hard to make sure your business, as much as possible, doesn’t miss a beat.

Our commercial water damage teams can handle water incursions from a wide variety of sources, including:
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